Overview of Services

We provide freight shipping services to over 500 shippers in various industries, from Fortune five thousands to small businesses, from food and beverage to consumer goods, technology, retail, paper and packaging, and more. Freestyle logistics is steadfast in its mission to be the best in the industry.

Why Us?

Any shipper – experienced or not – can run into unexpected shipping challenges. Working with experts will ensure that these challenges are few and far between and that they are fixed immediately – this is what we do. We’ll also grant you access to the best freight rates & shipping and transport technology that you may not be able to get on your own.

Optimal Shipping Process

Get quotes for free, book your shipment and keep track of your cargo. We’ll automate the total shipping process including — the creation of the bill of lading (BOL), tracking, dispatch and so much more. We only work with reputable and experienced contract transporters and if you have any questions, our shipping expert are just a phone call away – ready to answer any questions you may have about our services.

Our Services Include

Truckload Shipping

We provide truckload shipping services for small & big businesses, government agencies and supply chains in North America.

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Less Than Truckload Shipping

Perfect for cargo that is larger than a parcel but not large enough to fill up a truck.

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Canada Shipping

Freestyle Logistics makes freight shipping to, from or within Canada easy. We offer unrivaled cross-border freight shipping services between U.S. and Canada, and solutions for shipments within or across Canada.

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Expedited Shipping

If you need your freight to arrive ASAP, then expedited shipping is what you need. Because we know that late or missed delivery can have a lot of impact on your supply chain, we will help you find the fastest carrier for your freight.

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